Created by Hannah Bruders with Wix.

Stock images from Wix and Pixal 

Hannah Bruders

Narrative Designer and Writer

Currently in Austin, TX

Formerly from Waukesha, WI


Professional Experience:

Narrative Designer & Game Writer from June 2015 to May 2017    

Digital Iris, Greater Milwaukee Area, WI

  • Researching real world events to create a believable alternate Earth

  • Developing the history, physiology, and society of six fictional races and their various factions

  • Putting together lore and game design documentation

  • Assisting the art team during the creation of concept art and map planning

  • Creating profiles for possible characters.

  • Writing in-game dialogue

  • Putting together story web pages for the company website


Personal Projects:

Character Creator (Working Title)  Coder, Modeler (1 person team so far)

A tool currently built with Adobe Animation. Still in development.

  • Wrote the Game Design Doc

  • Coded the UI, and the material changing mechanic

  • Started creating character parts.


Finding Freedom - The Office    Writer, Coder (1 person team)

A text game built using Twine. Finished

  • Designed the world and characters

  • Wrote the story paths

  • Coded the various story paths

Escape Your  Keeper!   Writer, Designer, Artist, Coder (1 person team)

Single player, first person adventure game built with Flash ActionScript

  • Developed the game story and wrote the in-game dialogue

  • Designed and drew the game environments, objects, and characters

  • Coded the game buttons, cut-scenes, and events



  • Collaborating and developing story and world ideas in teams

  • Character and World Development used in game concept and creation

  • Experienced in using Photoshop, Corel Painter, and Illustrator

  • Researching information for setting development