• Hannah B.

What Is Worldbuilding And Why Am I Writing About It?

Updated: Oct 12, 2018

World building is the process of creating a world and its history. Doing this can help give a story consistency and can help ground your setting. It can give your location a sense of reality and depth.

Each mediums uses world building in different ways, based on what they need to focus on and how the person or team think. A movie's production crew won't design their product like a TV show will. One video game's story will demand different things than a different game genre. One writer will have a completely different development process from another writer.

I am not familiar with the design processes of movies and TV shows, so future posts will probably focus on the techniques used by authors and game designers.

Making a world depends on what you need

Why am I writing about this?

Mainly because I love world building. For me, this blog is so I can geek out over media world building details, and research goodies that I have found, and bits of ideas that my research has given me.

So feel free to join me on my ramblings. I welcome new info, and love learning.