• Hannah B.

Forgotten Books

When I first started this blog I wanted to use it as a way to help people understand wordbuilding, to write about my ideas, and hope they inspire others. Then I realized that I am still learning about worldbuilding, I probably will for my entire life, and that I needed to do focused research on different topics before I could actually start writing about them. And that is a series of academic papers, not a blog site. And also that I enjoy researching things more than I do writing about them.

But! I can collect resources and geek out about them!

So, for my first resource geek out, I give you Forgotten Books.com. They are a London-based book publisher specializing in the restoration of old books, both fiction and non-fiction. According to their website, they have 1,271,515 books available to read online, download as ebooks, or purchase in print.

I learned about them from the youtube channel, Farmhouse Vernacular, specifically her video "Why are old kitchens so GOOD?"

Intrigued by her enthusiasm for The Efficient Kitchen, I went to check out the website and was first impressed by their collection of folklore books and then giddy at their collection of household books. They have a book on Tanning from 1903! As someone who's joy is in learning about the real world so I can use that information to build fictional worlds that feel real, this site is an invaluable resource!

Also, a lot of the books are free to download! I'm so excited!