Color Scavenger Game

Written for Outbox Edu

Game Summary: Angella is looking for the right shade for her latest creation. You can help her by finding and taking photos of objects in the right color family.


Angella: (absently) Hello. The weather is lovely and the light is wonderful, but I just can’t figure out the right color for my painting. Do you think you could help with that?


Player: “Sure Angella, what do you need?” or “Sorry, I have to go do something.”


If “Sure, Angella….” is selected then start the game.

If “Sorry….” is selected, Angella: (Absently) That’s all right, I’ll figure it out. Go have fun.”


Game Start:

Angella: (Is now paying attention and alert) You will? Oh, thank you! I need color samples to figure out just the right paint shade to mix. If you could take my camera and take photos of objects that are in the right color group, that would be awesome! Try to get as many variations as possible, but 10 pictures should be enough. 20 would be best, but that would be hard to do, so I’ll need to give you a reward if you make it to 20 pictures.



The player is to find and photograph 10 items in a color family, (example: green, emerald, aqua, lime-green, spring green) with 20 being an optional extra goal. When the Player has taken the number of photos they want they will go to Angella, who will start the next part of the game.

Angella: Wonderful! Now, while I mix the paints I need you to take these color strips and match them with the color of your photo.


The Player’s pictures will be laid out in front of them, and opposite the photos will be swatches of color. These swatches will be labeled with the color’s name. The goal is to match the labels with the object’s color in the photo. When finished, Angella will say….

Angella: Oh, they are all so beautiful. What are your favorites?


The player picks three colors. Angella will select one color randomly from this list for her painting.

Angella: I think that would be perfect. Thank you! Now I can finish my painting!


Game is Won: Animation of Angella finishing her painting and a close up of the painting.

Angella: I love it! Here, take this as a thank you from me. (if 20 pictures goal has been completed) And this as well, for all your hard work!