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Hannah Bruders

Narrative Designer and Writer


Narrative Designer & Writer with 2 years of Indie Experience and a specialization in Large-scale and civilization level World Building using research and data analysis. Some experience with creating character concept art. Currently working on learning how to make games in Unity and Unreal.


  • RESEARCH for wordbuilding, characters and setting information

  • CREATIVE WRITING in short stories, lore bibles, and character profiles

  • NARRATIVE DESIGN including environmental storytelling

  • INTERACTIVE & LINEAR DIALOGUE, in-game dialogue and character interactions

  • PHOTOSHOP, COREL PAINTER, and ILLUSTRATOR used for character concept art

Work Experience:

Freelance Writer and Lore Developer for Missing Sentinel Software in June 2019

Worked on Roguecraft Squadron campaign development, published on 09/25/2019.

  • Editing or expanding on established lore, character personality profiles, and backstories. 

  • Edited and expanded the campaign story script.

  • Suggested character design changes.

  • Voiced acted, on an amateur basis, for 2 game characters.


Temp Custodian for Travis County Facilities Management from Nov 2018 - March 2019


Temp Assembly for JW Speaker from Feb 2018 – July 2018

  • Assembled headlights


Custodian for Poplar Creek Church from June 2014 – Feb 2018

  • Worked at Poplar Creek while working for Digital Iris


Narrative Designer & Game Writer for Digital Iris LLC  from June 2015 - May 2017

Worked on PodGunner Command

  • Researched real-world events to create a believable alternate Earth and to link up with the plot line of PodGunner Command prequel.

  • Developed the history, physiology, and society of six fictional races and their various factions in 1 year, using this information to create a Design Bible, a single-player campaign plot, and level elements.

  • Put together lore and game design documentation, including and taking into account the lore requirements and designs created prior to my hire. These documents collectively were over 80 pages in total.

  • Maintained and organized documents throughout the development

  • Assisted the art and map design teams with landmark creation and map layout for environmental storytelling.

  • Created profiles, personalities, and histories for 12 possible player characters.

  • Created personalities and wrote in-game dialogue for 24 unit groups in 2 weeks.

  • Put together story web pages for the company website.

  • Wrote descriptions for the game's main page.