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Game Script

Written for Outbox Edu

Game Intro:

It’s feeding time at the zoo! John the Zookeeper needs help getting the animal's food ready.


John the Zookeeper: Hey kiddo! I’ll need a bit of help getting the animal’s food ready. Want to help?


Player: “Sure, Mr. John!” or “I can’t right now, Mr. John.”


If “I can’t right now”:

John the Zookeeper: Oh well. Have fun, kiddo!


If “Sure, Mr. John!”:

John the Zookeeper: That is awesome!


Game Start:

John the Zookeeper: So I’ve got a bunch of different kinds of animals to feed, and they all eat different things. Some eat bugs, some eat plants, and some eat meat or fish. Let’s get started in putting their meals together.



Players are shown an animated profile of an animal with a list of what they need in their meal. Ex: A cheetah likes meat. A bear will want fish, plants, meat, and honey. A river otter will want fish, frogs, turtles, and insects. An ocean otter will want clams and crabs. Etc.


The list words can be clicked to have them be read aloud, same with the buckets/crates/containers of food.


Higher difficulties can include more detailed demands like having the kids find a specific type of plant or insect, have them feed a pickier animal like a koala, and include medicines for an animal.


If an item choice is incorrect, it will bounce out of the animal’s food bowl with a buzzing sound. John will be in the background of the screen, working on his own food containers, and will assist if the hint button is clicked.


Game is Won:

John the Zookeeper: Holy Cow, kiddo! You did an awesome job! Do you want to help me take these to the animal’s homes too?


Player: “Yay!” or “I can’t right now.”


If “Yay!”

John the Zookeeper: Excellent! Come on!

Start an animal meeting game with the animal’s meals they made.


If “I can’t right now”

John the Zookeeper: All right, have fun! I’ll go give them scratches for you!