Setting Description Samples

Written for Outbox Edu

Farm Background Blurb:

Old Farmer Joe owns the largest farm in Little Town. This farm started as a small family farm homestead founded by Old Joe’s great-great-great-great Grandfather Methuselah Joe. As time went on Methuselah’s descendants bought the farmland around them, expanding the amount and variety of plants that they grew.


Today, Old Joe’s farm grows everything from apples to grapes, beans to peas, and holds claim to the largest stall at the local Farmer’s Market in the nearby City.


Sometimes, in early spring, you can see his smart tractors plowing his fields.


Map/Selection Description:

Maple Creek Farm and Orchard is one of the biggest farms in the [blank] area. Old Joe and his family have lived on this land for generations, cultivating the biggest and sweetest food in the land. And they make the best jam in seven counties.


Activity Intro:

There are swarms of Fae beings that live among Old Joe’s plants. Normally this isn’t a problem, the beings help the plants grow faster and even help kill any vermin that might try to eat their plants.


Unfortunately, the various tribes are currently in the middle of a prank war and things are…(explosion of blue smoke in the distance) getting rather heated.