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In general, the sentiment among humans can be summed up in the phrase “Things want to kill us so let’s make them bleed for it.” Shooting competitions and bunker building have become recreational pastimes among the civilian population and almost every civilian has had military grade weapons installed in their homes in case the aliens attack Earth again.


arm bracers, usually doubling as wrist computers, are incredibly common


There is an atmosphere of excited patriotism in the Coalition counties. Civilians donate thousands of care packages to the DCOS military men and colony settlers, and millions volunteer at DCOS chapters for a chance to fight aliens troops on the front lines or to aid the colony efforts of the DCOS. Other groups volunteer in the clean up and aid efforts to the locations destroyed in the first alien invasion. The DCOS has a chapter dedicated to organizing the aid efforts and delivers regular shipments of money and care packages from the fleet ships and Earth civilians to these aid zones.


The civilians also resent the aliens for there being a space/colony restriction. Many look forward to the defeat of the aliens as a lifting of the space travel embargo.


While the DCOS countries, allied together against the Alien invaders, are cooperating together, each country has strong ground defences set up on earth, in case the aliens come back, but also to keep another earth country from taking advantage of any military weakness.



With no real government, and an attitude of everyman for himself, each Rebel ship is the equivalent of a city state, each with their own rules and laws. While not every Rebel engages in criminal activity, preferring to act as explorers, merchants and scroungers, or mercenaries, a significant percentage of the Rebels do engage in criminal activity. These criminal elements range from smugglers who will sell illegal goods, to pirates who attack any ship they happen across (if there is a possibility of taking said ship) or conquer Rebel colonies. Piracy is such a common problem that Rebel ship crews greet any docking party with guns and pat downs, just in case the party is a pirate crew masquerading as innocents.

Lacking the structure and resources of the DCOS, the Rebel faction’s technology is best described as piecemeal. Battered alien tech scavenged from old battle sites is used alongside DCOS tech that is either old, bought from surplus stores, or new DCOS tech that was purchased from a black market dealer inside the DCOS.

The DCOS look at the Rebels as Wild West risk takers. There are one or two ships that they will deal with but most ships are treated as suspicious or potential enemies.



Most of the colonists are retired vets and their families, as well as those who joined the DCOS to get off Earth, and the scientists charged with studying their new home.


Life can be dangerous and hard on the new colonies, away from the industrial structure of earth. The colonists have few luxuries, with even their cloths are designed for practicality and made of hard wearing material like leather, hemp, canvas or denim.


The colonists watch out for each other but everyone is expected to carry their own weight. Hunting and exploration is conducted in groups, regular visits to the local doctor for checkups and vaccines are required, as are the weapons and self defence classes. Everyone carries some kind of weapon, whether it is the latest weapon breakthrough from the DCOS labs or an old low tech knife, because you never know what might jump out at you.   


  1.     field  sample collecting station

  2.     insects

  3.     animals

  4.     plants

  5.     bacteria



Human Flagship


General Information:

The Human’s Flagship had a lot of pre-development before I started working on it. There was concept art and the ship’s layout had been decided

“Flagships have no artificial gravity so everything onboard is packed away, tied down, or fitted with magnetic plates to keep them from floating off. The human passengers and crew have shoes with magnetized soles and the vehicles, ships, and robotic units have magnetized feet or treads. This allows the units and crew to stick to the walls and ceiling as well as the floor, allowing for unusual entrance points and battle tactics.”


“Small alcoves are set high up in the ship interior halls to allow access to various local computer systems, like air circulation or fire suppression, which covered by hatches during travel. These alcove hatches automatically open during evacuation alerts, and are usable by strike units as sniper or ambush points. Automated barricades and cover screens are stored in the floor, walls, and ceiling, and are raised if an evacuation alert is sounded.”


“The outer hall walls are fitted with floor to ceiling glass panels over the metal walls. These glass panels are used as computer screens and sometimes display warning messages. When not in use, the glass panels will stream video from the ship’s exterior cameras in real time, making the walls seem like they are looking out over a starscape. These glass panels can also be found inside the bunk rooms, which can be customized to show various scenes for those who want to sleep under an earth skyline.”


“Given the extreme size of the Flagship, various human sized transport system have been integrated into the ship halls. The actual hallways are used to transport large objects, like raw goods for the machine shop, food for the cafeterias, and the huge DCOS units, like a highway. A trolley car network has also been set up, with a couple of cars running around each of the different sections. The trolleys are mostly used for transport within fifteen miles.  The long distance traveler use a subway system that is set up between the levels, and goes from one end of the ship to the other. The subway tunnels are also where you can access some system hatches, replace wiring, and other small replacement and repair jobs.


Hallway signs, for both directions and location are set up as panels on the walls at human head height, and as holographic signs that hang from the hallway ceiling for big vehicles.”


“Large bulletin boards, attached to the insides of metal and glass cabinets, are hung at the hallway crossroads, with smaller posting cases along the interior wall points. The civilians will post flyers for upcoming events, employment openings, or help wanted advertisements inside these bulletin cases, and send out online updates reminders. The military also use these bulletin cases to post scheduling changes, warnings, problems, and frontline news.”


“Trees, with hydroponic pots, are locked into ditches designed to hold the pots. The tree leaves are kept trimmed in the shape of a cylinder. A flexible plastic lid supports the trunk and keeps the pot’s water from getting into the ship’s atmosphere. Glass tubes enclose the trees if an evacuation signal is given, raising from the floor and lowering from the ceiling. When the tree starts get too tall for its enclosure, it and it’s pot is removed from its enclosure and added to the supplies goods pallets for the nearest colony.”



Floor     2   


“Security department rooms   

Has cameras in the air ducts. The ducts are cleaned regularly by patrolling vacuum robots, that look like cubes with bristles vacuums on the four sides, and are fit into the ducts with no space around them. If they encounter an intruder, they try to kill it with lasers and warn the ship computer. Said laser won’t do much damage, since it is designed to incinerate insects or small animals (they wouldn’t warn the ship computer in that case).”



Archives/Education Center

There is a library server but it is civilian maintained, and stored in the ship’s classroom for the children on board. Room also doubles as one of several briefing rooms for the military.



Officer Training

Large glass screens are built into the front of a classroom setting. When not used by the military, the civilian population uses the rooms as movie theaters    


Medical Training

Large glass screens are built into the front of a classroom setting. When     not used by the military, the civilian population uses the rooms as     movie theaters    


Pilot Training

Large     glass screens are built into the front of a classroom setting. When     not used by the military, the civilian population uses the rooms as movie theaters    



Huge 3d printing stations.    

White plastic screens, attached to poles with magnetic ends that can be attached to the ceiling, wall or floor, are scattered around the room, covered in calculations and half finished blueprints.    


Weapons Development Lab

Has a shooting gallery.    

Tables     with disassembled alien gun parts stuck to the table tops, or velcroed to the walls. Screens with weapon blueprints are scattered around the the room


Bar Room

Any liquid is stored inside of padded drawers with a plastic lining. Any empty bottles are packed into recycle crates. A bulletin board with     cut out labels of the alcohol available is attached to the wall behind the bar. Any taps have plastic caps over them to seal them when not in use.  


“Living     Quarters (13)

Barracks have beds that fold out from the wall or ceiling, like in a train’s     sleeping compartment, with belts to hold down the sleepers.    

Two pillars connect from the floor to the ceiling, with beds folded into them like ironing boards.

Blankets/comforters are stored inside a locker/closet, inside of vacuum compressed bags that are replenished by the laundry staff.        

There     is disposal station near the door for used bedding, which is emptied several times a day, as the shifts change, by the laundry staff for     washing and recompression.”


Family     Sleeping Quarters        

Smaller rooms. Everyone sleeping in one room, with multiple families bunking in the same room. Subdivided with noise dampening panels at night to separate the families.



Medical Bay

Medical staff are both military and civilian doctors. Military doctors act like Emergency Doctors, Civilian doctors usually work in the more complicated fields like surgery or pediatrics. The medical tables/beds fold into the walls like an ironing board. Robotic limbs fold out from the ceiling to assist the doctors with a ton of strange items in each limb from lasers to birthing stirrups. The med     bay would also have tanks of biomaterial which would be used to print up organs or other needed materials. Med bay is staffed during an emergency, and will heal wounded soldiers.     

The drawers close and lock automatically, and hold boxes that are filled with various supplies. The drawers are labeled with a screen that displays the drawer’s contents.



Mess Hall/Kitchens

Buffet     style serving, food always covered in sliding glass covers that     automatically close and seal. Chairs and tables screwed to the floor.    

All drink depositors open to accept the glass and close to fill it with     the selected drink. When the cup has been removed, a heating light dries any drink residue.


Main Reactor

Humming noise near this room. Lots of soundproofing.

Runs using a crystal based engine core

Used in emergency purposes when the command center has detaches from the main ship.   

Can be accessed from the second and third floor.


Water     Treatment/Processing


Purifies the water collected from the air vents via condensation, urine from toilets, and dirty water from the washing machines for reuse.    


Aquatic Training

A large enclosed tank of water that stretches from ceiling to floor. Extremely thick glass sides allow for observation from the second floor. Curved side like a sea world aquarium display.

Would     be entered and exited from the third floor via an airlock.   



chairs/couches are attached to the floor.    

Glass screen similar to exterior wall screens used for TV. Game systems would be stored in drawers underneath the screen.


Restrooms/Showers     (2)   

Toilets     use air suction to suck up fecal matter and empty in a large     enclosed bin, to be used for plant fertilizer  Hoses collect the urine, which is processed into water.        

The showers are small, enclosed boxes connected to the water treatment facility.  Inside of each shower is a Squeezable tube of water, attached to a hose for refilling, a tube of no rinse shampoo, a box of disposable no rinse soap wipes, box of disposable towels and a discarding shoot.  To clean your body, the person detaches the filled water tube and uses it to wet down the soapy wipes and wipe off the dirt from their body. To clean hair, the scalp if wetted down and the shampoo is applied to the scalp.  Any loose water is sucked into the ceiling through a grill. Afterwards, the chamber and its occupant is blow dried.    



Meeting Hall

used as a movie theatre by the civilian population when not used to the     military.   

Military uses it for give announcements to large number of people


Worship Center (non-denominational/non specific religion setup)

Pews     are screwed into the floor. Neutral colors. Front wall is blank so the various groups can project an image of their sacred symbol onto the wall.


GreenHouse/Arboretum (4)

Potted     plants in hallway intersections, hydroponics pot sunk into the floor with a plastic cover over the water, which is locked down by a seal. the dirt. Leaves cut into a cylinder shape. The entire pot and tree is removed when the tree gets too large, and transferred to a colony.

Thick glass walls come down from the ceiling, and up from the floor, to protect the plants during emergency situations. Plastic screen that drops down/is clamped down if gravity cuts off to prevent any loose plant matter from getting into delicate machinery.   

The Arboretum has a dedicated cleaning and gardening robot.  Hydroponic pots are set into in a grid pattern, framed by pathways. The trees are all of the fruit bearing variety. Thick glass walls come down from the ceiling and up from the floor to close off the Arboretum during any attacks.    


Mail Reception

Processes any packages loaded on from Earth, battlefields, or the various colonies and notifies the onboard recipient. Enclosed boxes used to hold the packages.



Compost Storage

Huge, the size of a building.

Filled with all the organic waste, usually from the Mess Hall, the Arboretum, or the air ducts. Set up close to the elevator, moved via a crane, and sent to colonies to be emptied when the ship is orbiting a planet.


Mech Work Plant   

Half assembled parts are held inside harnesses attached to the ceiling.

Levels     of metal walkways wrap around the room, attached to the walls and ending in jump platforms that let a person walk up the wall to the next walkway level.     

Four assembling areas in the center of the room.




Officer’s Quarters (2)   

Not as luxurious as the General’s Quarters   

Permanent beds, with built in footlockers, separated by soundproof screens.    


General’s Quarters   

This room is as close to Earth normal as possible.    

The metal floor is covered by a thin layer of fo-wood plastic, the desk chair is a plush leather with magnetized wheels and automatic brakes to keep it from rolling around.        

Permanent beds. The bed covers are a single length of uncut fabric looped     around the thick luxury mattress, made with a combination of stretchy and non-stretchy fabric to replace the belts that would keep occupants inside the bed despite the zero gravity.

Footlockers built in the bed.   

The wall furthest from the bed has a fitted video window that can show     whatever scene the viewer wants or can be used as a computer.        


Officer’s Mess Hall   

Similar set up to the general mess hall, but more decorated. Fo-wood tables,     plush leather seats. Chrome plated serving freezers.    

Wall Video screen takes up all of one wall, giving a view of the starscape.    



Astronaut showers and toilets



  • Bullets use nanite created metal/material, which is extruded out of a     special chamber into the firing port where a small piece of the thin     metal pipe is clipped from the extruding point and fired out the gun.    


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