Created by Hannah Bruders with Wix.

Stock images from Wix and Pixal 


Art by Hannah Bruders

Chunnel was first inspired by a dream and an episode of Batman Beyond. Initially, she looked like the usual anthropomorphic animal-humanoid with a normal human torso, hair and pointy fingers instead of actual claws.


It wasn't until a couple years later that I revisited her character and design in anticipation of moving her out of her inspired setting and into my original universe.


My initial research started with learning about the cheetah, focusing on their ribs and the details of their heads. Other topics were examined along the way, such as how large wings are in proportion to a bird's body and how bat wings attach to a bat's body.


These pictures were the eventual result of my research. The research also helped me build her backstory and personality. The increased animalistic nature of her features made her look more menacing to someone who didn't know her, giving her a reason to stay hidden. Her choice to wear clothing despite the discomfort of her rubbed fur and her standing upright despite any balance difficulties and resulting joint pain emphasized Chunnel's determination to be seen as human due to the trauma of her forced changing.

Chunnel's current design