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Who I Am

I grew up in Minnesota and Wisconsin. As a child, I read everything in the house, including the encyclopedias. This behavior never stopped and, even as an adult, I have been known to start researching random topics that range from quantum mechanics to the game lore of Silent Hill. I use this research to expand the scope and depth of the worlds I can build.

When I'm not researching, I enjoy playing PC games, reading, and drawing. I also make earrings for personal use and sale.


What I've Done

Professionally, I have worked for a startup named Digital Iris as a narrative designer and assisted with the creation of their game's webpage.

In my free time, I have created two games and am in the process of creating a third. I have also developed two worlds and drawn my designs for some of the characters that inhabit those worlds.  

Most of my writings have been focused on worldbuilding and laying out the information and questions for those settings, but I do have two short stories written, one of which was published in my local college magazine.

What I Do

I make worlds, drawing from my research in different fields of history, philosophy, science, and psychology. I use this information to give me an understanding of why the real world's civilizations and people developed the way they did and how their surrounding and worldview impacted them. This data allows me to bring a depth and realism to my designs and helps me see how to make their most fanatical element seem plausible and fully integrated into their civilizations.



Professional Work

Freelance Writer and Editor for Missing Sentinel Software

RogueCraft Squadron

Genre: Tactical Multiplayer


Launched: 2/18/2019

Campain Mode Launched: 9/25/2019

Role: Lore Writer/Script Editor & Writer

  • Editing or expanding on established lore, character personality profiles, and backstories.

  • Edited and expanded the campaign story script.

  • Suggested character design changes.

  • Voice acted, on an amateur basis, for 2 game characters.

Narrative Designer for Digital Iris LLC

Podgunner Command

Genre: Tactical/Shooter Multiplayer

Engine: Unity

Launched: N/A

Role: Campain Script Writer/Narrative Designer

  • Researched real-world events to create a believable alternate Earth and to link up with the plot line
    of PodGunner prequel.

  • Developed the history, physiology, and society of six fictional races and their various factions in 1 year.

  • Put together lore and game design documentation, including and taking into account the lore requirements and designs created prior to my employment.

  • Maintained and organized documents throughout the development.

  • Assisted the art and map design teams with narrative cohesion and environmental storytelling.

  • Created profiles, personalities, and histories for 12 possible player characters.

  • Created personalities and wrote in-game dialogue for 24 unit groups in 1 month.

  • Put together story web pages for the company website.

  • Wrote descriptions for the game main page.

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