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Game Design

Script Editor and Writer for OutboxEDU

Skooly (Working Title)

Genre: Educational Language Game

Engine: Unity


Launched: To Be Announced

Role: Script Editor, Mini Game Designer & Writer

  • Designed the foundational game mechanics to aid children in learning English from multiple aspects while encouraging implicit integrated learning, and retaining a sense of fun.

  • Wrote and organized the documentation for the game setting, backstory, and characters, including setting blurbs and possible mechanic integration.

  • Designed 4 mini-games for measurements, food, colors, and items. Wrote the game scripts for those mini-games.

Freelance Writer and Editor for Missing Sentinel Software

RogueCraft Squadron Logo

RogueCraft Squadron

Genre: Tactical Multiplayer


Launched: 2/18/2019

Campain Mode Launched: 9/25/2019

Role: Lore Writer/Script Editor & Writer

  • Editing or expanding on established lore, character personality profiles, and backstories.

  • Edited and expanded the campaign story script.

  • Suggested character design changes.

  • Voice acted, on an amateur basis, for 2 game characters.

Narrative Designer for Digital Iris LLC

Podgunner Command

Genre: Tactical/Shooter Multiplayer

Engine: Unity

Launched: N/A

Role: Campain Script Writer/Narrative Designer

  • Researched real-world events to create a believable alternate Earth and to link up with the plot line
    of PodGunner prequel.

  • Developed the history, physiology, and society of six fictional races and their various factions in 1 year.

  • Put together lore and game design documentation, including and taking into account the lore requirements and designs created prior to my employment.

  • Maintained and organized documents throughout the development.

  • Assisted the art and map design teams with narrative cohesion and environmental storytelling.

  • Created profiles, personalities, and histories for 12 possible player characters.

  • Created personalities and wrote in-game dialogue for 24 unit groups in 1 month.

  • Put together story web pages for the company website.

  • Wrote descriptions for the game main page.

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